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Meet the Original Birds in a Field Guide to Winged Dinosaurs

Has any paleontological discovery of the 21st century been so transformative as the fact that dinosaurs were feathered?

Sure, biologists still have academically foundational arguments over the proper positions of various protoplasmic goos at the tree of life's trunk, but what shakes the trunk doesn't always sway the branches. Not like dinosaurs — the charismatic megafauna of our collective childhood imaginations, now with feathers.

The dinosaur history books have literally been redrawn, and among the artists is Matthew Martyniuk, author and illustrator of the Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds and Other Winged Dinosaurs. Inside, using the field guide format that's introduced so many people to nature, he introduces readers to dozens of dinosaurs that lived in the strange evolutionary junction between dino and bird.