De Heart uh Barbados


We invite you to sample the celebration of youth and heritage on the third weekend of June 2008. Highlights of the weekend activities will be interpretative tours of the refurbished Harrison’s Cave, treks through the rustic Jack-in-the-Box Gully, walks through the gentle Welchman Hall Gully and Flower Forest and experience the challenge of the 10K Run and 5K Walk course. In addition, the heritage tours of the picturesque central highlands of St. Thomas and St. Joseph on the replica of the historic ‘Rocklyn Bus’ have become a favourite activity. Aerial Trek Zipline Adventure is the new attraction and ultimate experience for visitors in 2008.

The Farm and Craft Market is meant to foster appreciation by local residents of the economic and socio-cultural value of nature-based tourism. Each day’s activities culminate in nightly entertainment featuring many aspects of our cultural Heritage.

This event would not occur without the generous assistance of our partners including the attractions, community, sponsors, other Departments of Government and of course, you the volunteers. Special mention must be made of the Youth PATH Members who always work beyond the call of duty. The NHD thanks you for your commitment as a young person involved in the event.

The participating attractions are –
Harrison’s Cave, the Flower Forest, Welchman Hall Gully, Jack-in-the-Box Gully, Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures, Huntes Gardens and C.O. Williams Flowers.

What is it?
On 19 and 20 June 1999, the Government of Barbados, staff and family of the then ESPU, residents, a committed team of volunteers, members of the AXYS Consulting Team and attraction owners/managers of – Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully, Jack-in-the-Box Gully, the Flower Forest, Highland Outdoor Tours, Abyssinian Sustainability Project, and Springvale Eco-tours and Heritage Museum – hosted the inaugural two-day weekend activities to highlight the central uplands of Barbados. The focus was on heritage (natural, cultural and built) of the Harrison’s Cave Communities, and natured-based tourism. The two-day activities take place in a protected area called the Zone of Special Environmental Control (ZSEC), instituted mainly to protect the system of gullies and caves that are conduits for the underground aquifers for our potable water.

Over the intervening years, it was recognized that ‘INTA’ the acronym conveyed “a sense of placelessness” of the principles underpinning the demonstration project. The Natural Heritage Department (NHD – formerly the Environmental Special Projects Unit, ESPU), forged ahead with the development of a ‘brand’ and an “image”. The INTA or “de ting” in St. Thomas was duly rebranded and registered as de Heart uh Barbados®.

The Way Forward
The NHD was constituted in 2005 to establish, manage, and implement policies, principles and guidelines for a system of protected areas in Barbados, but more specifically the proposed Barbados National Park. In 2008, as the NHD reminisces and reflects on the successful implementation of de Heart uh Barbados Heritage Celebration, we are cognizant that the celebrations would not have occurred without the vision of the early pioneers, our generous sponsors, the attractions – Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully, Jack-in-the-Box Gully, the Flower Forest and Springvale Heritage Museum (no longer participating) – the volunteer corps, our partners and stakeholders, the host communities, especially the youth, family and staff of the NHD and successive Governments of Barbados.

The continued development of de Heart uh Barbados will be based on the NHD implementing sustainable practices and management strategies to integrate the de Heart uh Barbados event while simultaneously charting the course for setting up guiding principles for the proposed national park. It is the practice internationally to allow sustainable tourism in protected areas and sensitive ecosystems such as national parks. The NHD has consciously sought to integrate guiding principles of protected area management into de Heart uh Barbados. The nature-based attractions are used to provide education, heritage conservation, recreational opportunities, scientific research and “a sense of place” (renewal or spiritual connection to self) for visitors and host community alike.


Sports & Environment: 10K – 5K Race
The race is comprised of a 10k Run event allows competitors to get a glimpse of the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the morning of the De Heart uh Barbados, feeling the fresh morning air of St.Thomas, and viewing the panoramic view of Bridgetown from almost 1000 ft above sea level.

And for those who can't run , but want to walk, the 5k Walk gives you the chance to walk half the distance. It's a meandering walk through the central uplands of de heart uh Barbados. See the good country life.

Click here for more information, rules and entry forms: De Heart uh Barbados Races


Heritage Night
The official opening of de heart uh barbados celebrations, a special treat for those who love the old and rich culture that makes us "Bajan".........


The Heart and soul of De Heart uh Barbados® experience. The Natural Attractions such as The Flower Forest, Harrison's Cave, Welchman Hall Gully, Jack-in-Box Gully and the Jittney Bus Tour all can been seen over the Saturday and Sunday with the purchase of a passport


The entertainment segments at De heart uh barbados showcases the "Bajan" culture, this ranges from the old folk songs that could be heard in the villages "back in de days" to the old time dances. There is also entertainment geared to the modern society. So there is a mixture of old and new, which shows there is never a dull moment on the grounds of the Farm and Craft Market.


Farm And Craft Market
The farm and craft market features an "Animal Pen" with:
• Sheep • Goats • Rabbits
You can also find Local Craft at the Market for display:
• Pottery • Paintings • Wire work
Fresh produce can also be purchased:
• Organic Plants • Herbs • Vegetables • Potted plants • Jams • Fruits • Hot Sauces • Natural Juices


The Natural Heritage Department, greatly thanks all of the volunteers who assisted throughout the years to ensure the great execution of De Heart uh Barbados. For without your assistance there would be no event. So whether it was directing parking all the way to guiding tours, your presence was greatly appreciated.