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Natural Heritage

The offices of The Natural Heritage Department (NHD) are located in de heart uh Barbados at

One Sturges,
St. Thomas

Telephone: (246) 438-7761

Fax :(246) 438-7767

Email: heritage@barbados.gov.bb

Hours of Service
Monday – Friday 
8:30am – 4:30pm

“To promote the conservation of special and unique biomes of Barbados through effective management of a network of terrestrial and marine protected areas for the recreation and enjoyment of Barbadians, and by the creation of innovative ideas and initiatives, facilitate sustainable development of persons living in these areas”.

Established in 1996 as the National Conservation Commission Project Unit (NCCPU), with responsibility for administering the short and long-term redevelopment of Harrison’s Cave, the newly reconstituted Natural Heritage Department’s (NHD) redefined mandate is the development of policy for protection of Barbados’ protected areas, including the proposed National Park.

The department’s work over the years has placed special emphasis on the integration of the environment, community, heritage and the development of the concept of Green Spaces/places and the application of green concepts to the operation of building.

The Physical Development Plan Amended 2003 provides recommendations for conservation and enhancement of the terrestrial and marine biodiversity, landscapes and seascapes, traditional land-use patterns for resource use and management, village settlement patterns, water resources, the built environment and sustainable economic development for the proposed National Park villages.

The internationally accepted standards for Systems of Parks and Open Spaces as designated by the World Conservation Union comprise six open space categories, consisting of:

a) OS 1 – National Parks Category 5 Protected Landscape/Seascape
b) OS 2 – Natural Heritage Conservation Areas
c) OS 3 – Coastal Landscape Protection Zone
d) OS 4 – Public Parks and Open Spaces
e) OS 5 – National Attractions
f) OS 6 – Barbados National Forest Candidate Sites

The categories of the IUCN system of parks and open spaces are diverse, covering both the marine and terrestrial environment. Various Departments of Government currently undertake management of the marine and terrestrial parks and open systems in Barbados. It will be necessary to establish closer inter-agency collaboration and public/private sector partnerships to develop management strategies for the park and open space system.

a) To conserve and enhance the character and quality of the landscape and marine resources in the Park, including all features of natural and cultural heritage.
b) To define and protect a functionally connected natural heritage system based on an ecosystem approach.
c) To foster an awareness of the value of the National Park to the daily lives of residents of Barbados.
d) To ensure that the use and management of the land and marine resources in the Park is of a sustainable nature and is supportive of the social and economic development of local communities.
e) To establish a strong presumption against activities which conflict with or are detrimental to landscape, seascape and environmental qualities that led to National Park designation.
f) To provide opportunities for passive recreation and to promote an understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Park.