Chancery Lane Escarpment

This protected area is home to migrant shorebirds and there is usually a presence of heron and egrets.

The swamp is also a nesting area for the pelican, Blue heron and frigate bird. Many North American birds rest here during their migration to South America. Be sure to visit during the wet season since the area can dry up significantly at other times of the year.

The Chancery Lane area is also one of the most important archeological sites on the island; it was probably inhabited for the whole of Barbados prehistory. At the time of first occupation of the area, the site was likely a sandrock bench facing a sea inlet. Advancing sand dunes and storm damage may have overtaken the site and cut off the inlet, leaving part of a salt marsh trapped inland.

Since the 1930s, portions of the site have been excavated at various times and have yielded rubbish middens (evidence of food preparation) and burial locations mostly found in the natural hollows of the sand rock base.

Source: Barbados.org and Saunders, Nicholas J., The Peoples of the Caribbean

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