Over the past year, we at the Natural Heritage Department have been working to re-organize our communications facility in order to manage the vast amount of information, experiences and knowledge gained over two decades since the inception our predecessor – the Environmental Special Projects Unit, Ministry of Health and Environment. Since then we have worked as part of various ministries but always a unit/department of the Division of Environment.

It is our broader goal to make this space a reflection of the progress of Barbados as a nation dealing with environmental and ecological issues, challenges and change and to make our experiences available to worldwide audiences. At the same time, Natural Heritage is also a community based organization with deep roots and relationships with the village population, farmers, small businesses, outreach programmes, tourism operators and indeed with the visitors who come from around the globe.

You will find photo and video galleries; case histories of projects managed by Natural Heritage Department; links local partners, other government departments, and to international agencies and conventions with whom we work closely.

Please visit us here often and look for news, updates and activities as well as resources and information that is of interest to you.